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Building digital experiences for the non-profit initiatives which matter

Sharing is caring, - that's why we'll be happy to assist non-profit organizations with selecting the no code tools and building the digital solutions they need

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What topics we're especially interested in


Climate change and Preventing Pandemics

Seeing what how a global natural crisis feels, we'll be privileged to help decrease possibility of them happening again 


LGBT Right and Gender Equality

Every person having equal rights and opportunities is an essential part of the common sense world we want to live in


Future of


While we drive the digitalization of each and everyone process across various verticals, we need to ensure we create new type of jobs

How can we help


Design and Built   the Solution for you

After careful analysis of your idea and insights, we come up with the vision of a no-code MVP.

Then we build it and teach you to maintain it 


Teach your team to build solution without coding

Creating impactful digital experiences without coding knowledge is possible. We wanna ensure you know hot to utilize such opportunities

Tell us about your organisation or initiative!

Thanks, we'll get back to you in no time!

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